Choosing an Outdoor Shed Foundation Kit Over Concrete

Outdoor sheds provide that extra storage space for lawn equipment and gardening supplies that take up so much room in your garage.  Erecting a shed in the back yard is simple enough with quick assembly kits. When it comes to laying the foundation, many homeowners underestimate the issues surrounding concrete as a base material. In areas with warm climates and soil types like the Southern states, clay-based soil compositions and humid conditions can undermine a concrete foundation over time.  In-ground foundations also require considerable upkeep for a homeowner. A better option may be shed foundation kits, which do not require excavation or concrete.

Selecting a Shed Foundation Kit

Along with outdoor shed kits, foundation kits also make constructing a base for your shed easy. Companies like Grainger offer dependable and easy to use kits at a reasonable price for most homeowners. Foundation kits provide a sturdy base for the shed without having to dig up your back yard.

Advantages of a Shed Foundation Kit

No concerns for soil composition

Clay-based soils expand and contract over time, damaging concrete foundations. By constructing a shred with a foundation kit, soil composition is no longer a concern, as the foundation rests evenly on your lawn, immune to the changing nature of the soil underneath.

Tree root worries

Concrete foundations for your shed may also be impacted by trees in the back yard. As much as you may love your trees, the roots can dig into and crack concrete, including the foundation of your shed. Much like the problem of soil, tree roots cannot cause any damage to sheds built on a kit foundation.

Drainage problems

Without proper drainage around a shred with a concrete foundation, water will eventually seep into and damage the base. Most homeowners aren’t even aware if drainage should be a concern in their yard before they lay a concrete shed foundation.  With a shed foundation kit, water damage is never a problem.

Shed Foundation Kits Can Save Money

In addition to avoiding many of the upkeep issues a homeowner faces with an in-ground base, shed foundation kits also are considerably less expensive than the tools and materials required to lay a concrete foundation. Enjoy the savings on your next shed foundation kit with this money-saving coupon from Grainger.

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