Foundation Repair- Why Some Areas Are Prone to Foundation Problems

Every area in the country is prone to its own unique foundation problems. With foundation repair, these problems need to be corrected as soon as possible in order to protect your home’s value — and your own personal safety. visit our homepage area!

Water can be a foundation’s worst enemy – no matter if the foundation is a poured type or a block type. When water drainage is flowing in the wrong direction (towards the house), it can destroy a foundation entirely

Why is Houston prone to foundation problems?

Soil composition

It’s estimated that homeowners spend about $450 million every year for foundation repair Houston. That’s because the soil is mostly clay, and clay-based soils can be damaging to foundations, indeed. They expand when they’re wet and shrink when they’re dry; in moderate climates, this can mean continual expansion and shrinkage throughout the year.

When that happens, a home’s foundation takes a lot of pressure from the expanding soil, resulting in cracks and crevices. Without foundation repair, those cracks and crevices can become an even more serious problem.


Homeowners who like to have trees around their homes may certainly find them attractive, but this can also cause foundation problems. Because large trees like oaks are very “thirsty,” they can drain liberally hundreds of gallons of water every day from the soil surrounding a home and its foundation.

Similar to the natural moisture-based soil expansion and contraction, this causes soil expansion and contraction around the home; in turn, this can cause foundation cracks and crevices, which can become much more serious if foundation repair isn’t kept up.

Not having proper drainage

To avoid this problem, you should also install proper drainage systems around your home to make sure the foundation doesn’t get waterlogged and allow seepage to occur. Keeping gutters clear will also help prevent drainage problems.

Not taking measures to prevent damage

While not all foundation problems can be prevented, many of them can be. If you’ve got trees around your house, for example, you can install root shields around the house so that tree roots won’t grow toward the house or go under the foundation.see it from

You can also install a sprinkler system near your house so that the trees and the ambient air don’t continually absorb all of the soil moisture, thus mitigating some of the soil expansion and contraction that would normally occur.

Lack of upkeep

foundation-problemsWith any foundation repair, it’s imperative to keep an eye on small problems and fix them before they become big ones. Even with preventative steps taken (like installing root barriers or sprinkler systems), it’s a pretty good bet that you’re going to get small cracks in your foundation on a regular basis. Take care of these when they first happen, and they won’t get out of hand and become big cracks; in turn, those big cracks can completely compromise your Houston foundation repair, resulting in sagging walls, warped doors, sloping floors, and even complete collapse of your home.

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