Ceramic Storage in The Kitchen and Bedroom

Storage space is something that is essential for many species, and humans are no exception. Like ants and hamsters, we hoard everything away for “that rainy day” when we might use it. But what about essential space storage? You need to have convenient stow away compartments for your immediate surroundings as well. Whether it is a closet organizer, tool cabinet, or maybe even laddered shelving, there are some innovative designs that can give you the extra room in your room.read this post now!

Ceramics have been around for thousands of years, and basically refer to pottery (clay) that has been worked into a shape or container and then kiln dried to harden it. It is usually glazed and re-fired in the kiln to set the glaze, which is crucial if the vessel is to be used with liquids. Most all of our coffee mugs and plates are a form of ceramic art.

This kiln-dried ceramic storage box is an interesting idea for many uses. In the kitchen, it might be used where you want to store spices or flour for convenient access. Dried beans and rice are easily stowed, and pasta shapes are right at home inside as well. You might have need of a storage bin that will collect your small kitchen utensils, such as measuring spoons and cups. The box is a great place if you need a catch-all on the counter top, or even as a cookie jar for grown-ups.reav reviews from:http://www.scmp.com/magazines/post-magazine/article/1854921/spacious-hong-kong-flat-goes-traditional-futuristic

Each hand made kiln-dried ceramic box is a unique piece of art in itself, with no two boxes alike. It is glazed and ready for service, and you can clean it without hassle with a clean dry cloth, or even with damp soapy cloth. It resists mildew and mold, and can be used in areas where it may get a little wet.

Ceramic Storage

This neat little box measures 23 cm tall with the lid, and is a clever place to hide jewelry. A would-be burglar wouldn’t think to look inside this antique looking box for your heirlooms when he’s sure there’s a hidden safe somewhere. We all have that dresser top clutter in our bedrooms, and the ceramic box can act to help keep those everyday medicines or eye drops from cluttering your space.learn more here!

If you need an attractive complement to your designed space, or if you just need a neat gift for someone, the handmade ceramic box is perfect for many ideas. Ceramics are beautiful, essential, and will be around for another 3 thousand years or so.